MBSR Practicum

MBSR Practicum Teachers-in-Training at Miami Mindfulness...
Miami Mindfulness Garden Sanctuary Classroom

Miami-Based MBSR Practicum Leading to Teacher Certification in Affiliation with UC San Diego’s Mindfulness-Based Professional Training Institute (MBPTI)

The MBSR Practicum is an in-depth, comprehensive, interactive teaching program emphasizing kindness, excellence, and practice teaching.  This 10-week group program allows for training and practice teaching to become thoroughly absorbed in a consistent, step-by-step process. Studies have shown that group-based learning with expert and peer support such as this Practicum is more effective and helps change habits.


    1. Prior completion of MBSR Program
    2. 5-Day Teacher-Led Silent Mindfulness Retreat
    3. Personal Mindfulness-Based daily practice

Fee:  Non-refundable $200 deposit (use this PayPal link) required in advance to reserve a seat. Remaining $1545 is payable after classes begin.  Deposit must be received to complete your registration. 

The MBSR Practicum is the 2nd step in the MBSR Certification Pathway as outlined by the UCSD Mindfulness-Based Professional Training Institute (MBPTI) and is taught locally in Miami by Valerie York-Zimmerman, founder of Miami Mindfulness.

Being granted MBSR teacher certification, allows professionals to represent and market themselves as a “Certified MBSR Teacher” which can be an important distinction in institutional settings such as healthcare, mental health, education, criminal justice, etc. 

Contact Valerie at:  ijourney@att.net

2018 MBSR Practicum