September 2022 Newsletter

    • ‘New Beginnings’ in Fall 2022
    • Consider the Bloom of the Lotus
    • In-Person MBSR Starting October 2nd
    • A Framework for the Integrity of MBSR Programs
    • Ethics Including Inclusion, Compassion and Behavior
    • INterconnectedness and Healing
    • Mindfulness Emphasizes Integrity and Ethical Behavior
    • ‘Whatever We Do to the Web, We Do To Ourselves’
    • Enlightened Stewardship Over Our Planet & Ecology


April 2022 Newsletter

    • Special Invitation to Sit in the Wisdom and Words of Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn
    • Video: ‘Views from the Field’ with Allan Goldstein
    • Podcast:  ‘Clearing the Stage’ with Carson Marshall
    • ‘Mindfulness and Adverse Childhood Experiences’ recap from March 12th event at Coral Gables Congregational Church featuring Hon. Steven Leifman, Ashwin Mehta, M.D. , Daniel Sheridan, Ph.D., Kimberly S. Ho Misiaszek, Ph.D., Valerie York-Zimmerman.
    • ‘For a New Beginning’ poem by O’Dondohue

New Year’s 2022 Newsletter

    • ‘Building Resilience Through Mindfulness’ by Valerie York-Zimmerman
    • Video: “Impact of ACE’s on Physical, Mental Health of Children and Adults’
    • Mindfully Riding the Waves
    • Mindfulness Path to Resilience
    • MBSR Leads to Greater Resilience
    • Wise Choices – Wise Action – Wise Coping
    • Building Resilience with Mindfulness Practice
    • Teachers: Natural Confidence vs Need to Dominate
    • Children: Mindfulness Leads to Wise Policies
    • Students: Community Gardening & Food
    • Mindful Listening
    • Obituary: Archbishop Desmond Tutu, 1931-2021
    • Building a Resilient Community: A Systems View
    • Urban Medellin, Colombia: Evaluating Resilience
    • Rescuing Earth and Coastlines from Disaster: Coral Reefs


New Year’s 2021 Newsletter

    • Honoring peace in our “beloved community” with gifts of lovingkindness and compassion for all
    • Keys to Happiness: Finding Joy in a World of Suffering
    • Essence of a Meaningful (Peaceful) Life
    • Obituary: Apostles of Peace from Birmingham to Paris: Thich Nhat Hanh
    • ‘Man is Not Our Enemy’
    • ‘The Bell Tolls for Thee’
    • Understanding How Cities Affect our Frame of Mind
    • Ending our Culture of Violence and Conflict
    • Stewardship — Not Dominion — Over Natural Communities
    • Upcoming Classes: Winter 2021 MBSR Program; Winter 2021 MBSR Practicum Program


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