Bill Porter: Visiting China’s Poets of the Past

JOIN OUR FRIENDS from the Miami Meditation Center for a special evening with Bill Porter / Red Pine.

When: Friday, Nov. 9, 7:30 PM – 9:30 p.m.
Where: Key Biscayne Beach Club

Bill Porter, who uses the pen name Red Pine, is an American author, scholar and translator of ancient Chinese texts and poetry. Following graduate studies at Columbia University, Bill traveled extensively throughout China and East Asia. Red Pine is the 2018 winner of the American Academy of Arts & Letters Thornton Wilder Prize for Poetry and Sutras.

This event is sponsored by the Miami Meditation Center.

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Sit Every Day (Lion’s Roar / Shambhala Sun)

By Diana Winston

Diana Winston on commitment to the practice of sitting, why we should sit regularly, and advice on how to keep yourself on schedule.

Your unforgiving alarm rings for all it’s worth. It’s 7AM. You crash out of bed, slamming your toe on your bedside table. You fumble for your zafu in the dark. “It’s over here somewhere,” you mumble. Hearing you awaken from the dead, your cat runs screeching. You are about to plant your still-zombiefied-self on the cushion when nature calls. Three minutes later your mother calls too, and you know you really shouldn’t answer it but she does have that crucial bit of information about the results of American Idol, and… that’s it, the day has started. You’re late for work, the shower’s running cold again, your toothbrush bristles are thoroughly chewed through, the cat is ripping apart your sofa, blackmailing you for food, and of course, as always, despite hundreds of clothes in your closet, you have nothing to wear. You leave the house agitated, jangled, caught in another shouting match with yourself: “You lazy… you didn’t meditate! Again. You’ll never change!” Continue reading “Sit Every Day (Lion’s Roar / Shambhala Sun)”