Finding ‘Second Circle’: An Embodied Path to Power and Presence in Every Moment

Monday, February 13th, 2017, 6-8 p.m.
Do you find yourself shrinking from valuable opportunities for connection or driving others away with unintentional intimidation? Based on the work of renowned British acting coach Patsy Rodenburg, this experiential workshop will show you how to inhabit “Second Circle,” a physical and attitudinal way of being that generates resilient confidence, creative power, and authentic connection.
Through safe and playful movement, breathing, and speaking exercises, we’ll learn how to return easily and consistently to this place of grounded, mindful presence. We’ll also see how we often inhabit the less productive spaces of “First Circle” (hesitant hiding) and “Third Circle” (overconfident overbearing) and how they each can prove useful or productive at limited times. Lastly, we’ll explore how Second Circle applies to mindfulness and body awareness in general.
Guaranteed to shift how you move in the world!
The Way of the Mindful Improvisor:
A Playful Path to Courage, Creativity, and Connection
Wednesday, February 15th, 6-9 pm
Modern research suggests that mindfulness makes a powerful tool for developing young people’s resilience, self-confidence, emotional intelligence, and performance in academics, athletics, and the arts. Growing evidence shows that improvisational theatre does the same.
Woven together, the two transform into a single, compelling cloth. Mindfulness gains a playful, interactive expression. Improv develops a well-grounded depth. Working in concert, they cultivate the kind of charismatic, creative, connected presence that helps kids—and teachers—respond artfully to the challenges of any given moment.
This workshop will offer participants a glimpse into the power of these combined traditions. Together, we’ll create a safe learning lab that uses experiential exercises to sharpen self-awareness and revitalize relationship with the outside world. We’ll train the muscles of playful attention, introduce the power of “Yes, and,” retrain our reactions to so-called “failure,” and learn to connect with ourselves and others more resourcefully. And we’ll do all that while laughing a lot.
Enrollment for this second workshop will be limited to 18 participants.
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