Building resilience in 2022

Dear Friends,

While Resilience and Mindfulness have been forefront in mental health, healthcare, and community development for some time, these traits are even more critical now as the pandemic lingers. They may seem unrelated but mindfulness plays an important role in building resilience. Mindfulness has been illustrated by Eastern and Western teachers as a bird with two wings: one wing represents awareness and clear seeing of the mind and the other wing represents lovingkindness and compassion of the heart. Just as a it takes both wings for a bird to fly, mindfulness requires skillful qualities of the mind and the heart to flourish and take flight.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, the renowned scientist, author, mindfulness teacher, and pioneering founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), established nine Attitudes of Mindfulness (see video below). Cultivating these foundations takes intention and practice but once committed, the mind becomes more open and receptive allowing other elements like present moment awareness, curiosity, learning, lovingkindness, clarity, inclusivity, and wisdom to take hold and strengthen.

The good news is that many aspects of mindfulness and resilience are related and can be learned! Why not strengthen your readiness and capacity for resilience with a daily mindfulness practice?

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While resilience and mindfulness are essential for developing healthy and thriving individuals, families, neighborhoods, sectors, communities, and countries, I can include only a brief array of reflections in this newsletter as we begin again in the New Year. May we support each other’s efforts to wisely and compassionately strengthen ourselves and our communities in 2022!

— Valerie York-Zimmerman


NOTE: This message is related to the January 2022 Newsletter, which you can read here.