Miami Mindfulness Spring 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

While life is changing and we are separated physically because of this pandemic, perhaps we are becoming even more connected than before. One way of looking at this global pandemic is as a bell calling for us to awaken. Crisis has a way of shining light on what is wounded and broken in our lives and mindfulness teaches us “to remember.” So let us look more closely at what the light is revealing to us now as we shelter at home. Let us remember the truth of our history and learn to walk a more skillful path. Choices like skillful understanding, skillful thinking, skillful speech, skillful action, skillful livelihood, and skillful effort can support and heal us during this time of disease in the body and dis-ease in the mind and heart. It can help us to remember to be more mindful.

May we and all sentient beings be well, safe, free from suffering, and filled with lovingkindness.

~Valerie York-Zimmerman

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