Do These Research-Based Health Benefits Interest You?

What are the benefits of mindfulness? – by Daphne M. Davis, PhD, and Jeffrey A. Hayes, Ph.D. in the American Psychological Association Monitor on Psychology, August 2012.

The below results are evidence-based. Can you benefit from any of them?


  1. Reduced rumination
  2. Fewer depressive symptoms
  3. Better working memory capacity
  4. Sustained attention during performance
  5. Stress reduction
  6. Increased positive affect
  7. Decreased anxiety and negative affect
  8. Emotion regulation
  9. Decreased reactivity
  1. Increased response flexibility
  2. Increased self-observation
  3. Present moment awareness
  4. Increased immune functioning
  5. Improved well-being
  6. Reduced psychological distress
  7. Increased info processing speed


  1. Increased empathy
  2. Increased compassion
  3. Improved counseling skills
  4. Decreased stress and anxiety
  5. Decreased depressive symptoms
  6. Decreased rumination, negative affect
  1. Decreased fatigue (medical students)
  2. Improved quality of life
  3. Increased emotional intelligence
  4. Reduced PTSD in health workers
  5. Increased counseling self-efficacy

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